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TeChaud was founded in Vlezenbeek, a town at the border of BXL. There Yarko Van Volsem developed his Techno and Tech-House skills. He started his solo career in 2017, and in 2018 TeChaud was born. With considerable experience behind the stage decks, he leaves his audience shivering on the dance floor every time he serves his new beats.

Does TeChaud not ring a bell yet? Step by step, TeChaud is starting to define its name and values. This is already known in and around the Pajottenland and their platform is only expanding. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Why Techno? That fascination came in Yarko’s teen years and eventually became his passion. His pursuit of new beats carries on every day because nothing is more satisfactory than surprising your audience. Nobody knows what the future looks like, all the decisions you make will lead to different results. But one thing is for sure… With TeChaud you will experience an evening as if there is no tomorrow.

In addition to techno, TeChaud also provides total concepts. Do you have an event that needs to be dressed up on audio and visual level? We will take care of that.

Are you ready to live the ultimate tech-experience?


Zobbroekweg 1 - 1602 Vlezenbeek


Tel: 02 532 31 49

GSM: 0470686888



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